Thanks to this season’s generous donors. You make it all possible!

This list represents donations received for the 2017-18 Season from April 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018 and will be updated periodically throughout the season. (* = Anniversary Campaign)

We have made every attempt to provide accurate information. If your name has inadvertently been misspelled, omitted or added, please call 480.837.9661 or email us with your correction. Thank you!


Jeweled Masque Donors

By donating more than the price of their tickets, Jeweled Masque members provide vital support to FHT. Their donations help defray the costs of royalties, costumes, sets, and our performing arts programs. Please consider becoming a valued member. For more info, or to join, call 480.837.9661 x3.

(Click levels below to expand and view our Jeweled Masque donors!)

David & Kiera Allen
American Express Charitable Fund
Carol Coates
Richard & Doris Dale*
Paul & Bobbi Downing
Mike & Pat Druckman
Carl & Eunice Feinberg
Fountain Hills Women’s Club
Friends in the Hills Welcome Club
Jack & Merideth Hale
Fred & Barb Hansen*
Allene Helgeson*
Allen A. and Sheila L. Henry
Jeff & Kelle Hohl*
Dennis & Linda Kester*
Sanford & Barbara McCormick
George Whitehead & Barbara
Sunset Kiwanis
Rosemary Powell
Susan Titus
Travis & Patricia Tonzi
Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
William & Helen Whatmough
Stan & Margaret Ziefert

Thomas & Lois McGinn

James Bloes
Fountain Hills Noon Kiwanis
Charitable Corp.
Harold & Arlie Denomme
James Erickson
Stephen & Kathleen Kelbley
Sandi McGee
Margaret Morency
Dori Wittrig

John & Lynn Barlow
Dan Danehey & Nancy Sahr
Ben & Melissa Fast
Bob & Alisa Feugate*
Calvin & Lynn Grout
Mary NJ Johnson
Cindy Peters
Chris & Dave Scheck*
Dan & Karen Smith
Joanne Thyken*
C.D. Bud Titus
Vivian Virden
Elden & Margi Walters

Anne McDaniel Family Trust
Sherm & Marianne Abrahamson
John & Sharon Alessandroni
John & Sally Allexan
Sandra Barker
Caryl & Jim Bates
Frank & Peggy Bell
Sharon Boyd
Ione Bushman
Charles & Barbara Caswell
Vaden Doyle
Gerry Elgarten & Jan Scheer
Encore Tours
Keith and Murriele Gillam
Gerry Glancy
Ingrid Glancy
Michelle Glancy
Richard & Angela Guerrerio
DiAnne Gyger
Honeywell International
Charity Matching
Barry Haughin in memory of Connie Mitchell
Ken & Barbara Horch*
Dave Huggins & Julie Tribbey
Steve & Elly Jelacic
Tom & Francine Johnson
Robert & Heather Jones
Judy Lambeth in memory of Connie Mitchell
Lambert-Tyson Foundation
Jean Linzer
Henry & Donna Male
Steve Mancarella
Carol Michaels
Flynnie Meyer
Scott McDaniel
Michael & Jennifer Mooney
John H. Morris
NPS Gives
Gordon & Francine Peele
Corey Pitts
Geraldine & Terrence Rendek
Kathy Schanus-Gohl
Herbert & Sonya Schneider
Nicholas & Tina Schultz
Stephen Scimone*
Charlotte Skevington
Joanne Sonterre
Valerie Stasik
Claude Verbal

Friends In The Hills

For most people, donating a large amount of money to their favorite organization is not feasible. This is why many non-profit organizations ask their supporters instead to consider a small monthly donation.  Committing to provide any amount of your choice on a monthly basis to the theater is an excellent way to help provide consistent financial support for the theater’s operations and educational programs by helping with everyday expenses. To learn more, call 480.837.9661 x3.

(Click below to expand and view our Friends In The Hills donors!)

Richard & Carol Carroll
Paul & Bobbi Downing
Vaden Doyle
Sandi McGee
Rosemary Powell
C.D. Bud Titus
Travis & Patricia Tonzi
George Whitehead & Barbara Patterson-Whitehead

Honor “Role” Hall of Fame Inductees

Honor Role Hall of Fame inductees are theater angels whose ongoing support, dedication and commitment to FHT made us the organization we are today. To learn more, call 480.837.9661 x3.

(Click years below to expand and view our Honor “Role” Hall of Fame inductees!)

Mike and Charla Archambault
Dennis and Judy Brown
Carl and Eunice Feinberg
Fred and Barbara Hansen
Jerry and Jackie Miles
Val Stasik

Crystal Award Recipients

Crystal Award recipients are donors and sponsors who have made significant financial contributions to the organization over the past two years. To learn more, call 480.837.9661 x3.

(Click years below to expand and view our Crystal Award recipients!)

Mike and Pat Druckman
Barb and Fred Hansen
Patrick Russo
Bart Shea of Shea Connelly Development
Charleyne Aschenbrenner
Camelot Homes
Carol and Richard Carroll
Sid and Carol Coates
Dan Fecteau
Carl and Eunice Feinberg
Bob and Alisa Feugate
Allene Helgeson
Verne C. Johnson Family Foundation
Jerry and Jackie Miles
Peggy Miller
Sarah Nolan and Bill Hinz of Copperwynd
Val Stasik
Nathan Watters of Cummings Termite and Pest Control