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Friday, May 18 ? Sunday, June 17, 2018
Fri. & Sat. at 7:30pm & Sun. at 2pm

This play contains adult language and themes

Directed and Written by Peter J. Hill
Produced by Copperstate Productions

In the Mainstage Too! Theater


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After a wild weekend binge, R.J. Spaulding wakes to find himself simultaneously engaged to three women who think he is alternately a Mob Kingpin, an activist and a Russian KGB agent. R.J. recruits his neighbor in an escalating series of lies to keep his secrets from the girls, his alimony hungry ex-wife and the largest hit man in New Jersey!

Starring multiple award-winning actors Ross Collins and Peter J. Hill, and featuring award-winning actress No?l Irick.

or call 480.837.9661 x3 (Tues.?Sat. 12pm-5pm). Groups discounts available.

?Ashes to Ashes? is created by Peter J. Hill and presented by Copperstate Productions.

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