We at Fountain Hills Theater gratefully recognize the dedication and generosity of the following individuals and businesses that have donated time, services and goods to repair and improve our Theater. Your support and friendship allow us to meet our mission of bringing award-winning theater to Fountain Hills!

Renovation Fund Donors

Kiera Allen, Anonymous, Donna Beers, Carol Coates, Cindy Couture, Karen DeGeorge,
Bob Ditta, Carl & Eunice Feinberg, Phillip & Sharon Felker, Gary & Molly Ferguson,
Bob & Alisa Feugate, Barbara Hansen, Allen & Sheila Henry, John Hersey, Lynn Hughes,
Judy Landry, Dave Long, Christine Marchell, Sandi McGee, Jacquelyn & Jerry Miles, Barbara & Phil Meyers,
Suzanne Nann, George Obst, Barbara Patterson, Susan Pellegrini, Al Ronca, Brian & Madiha Schader,
Connie Scholl, Suzu Solkin Henderson, Jenny Willigrod, Helen Whatmough, Dori Wittrig