The Diary of Anne Frank

By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hacket

Directed by Ross Collins

Elf Jr at Fountain Hills Theater


Monday, January 8 at 5pm and Tuesday, January 9 at 5pm
Callbacks (if required) Wednesday, January 10 at 5pm
Rehearsals Begin January 20 at 10am


Performances Friday, Saturday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 2pm
(Possible additional performances to be added Saturdays at 2pm)
(Possible School Day performances to be added between first and second weekend)

A Youth Play

Few more poignant true stories emerged from World War II than the diary of young Anne Frank. Published long afterwards by her father, the only family survivor, it records the minutiae of twenty-five months that two Jewish families spent in hiding from the Gestapo in an Amsterdam warehouse attic.

Fountain Hills Youth Theater is proud to present The Diary of Anne Frank as our 2023-24 YABOY production. A portion of each full-price ticket to The Diary f Anne Frank will be donated to a partner organization. Additionally, FHYT will be distributing information about our partner at each production, and representatives from our partner will be at the Theater for select productions and talk-backs.

YABOY is an acronym for “Young Actors Benefiting Other Youth” that was started by Youth Artistic Director Ross Collins to show young actors that their talents can be used to help address social issues that young people encounter and offer channels and recourses to help deal with them.

To Audition (for info about video auditions, please click above “Sign Up Now” button:
Auditioners are asked to prepare an age-appropriate comedic monologue from a previously published work, not to exceed 2 minutes in length.

Auditioners should:
– Complete the digital audition packet (at above sign-up button)
– Bring a headshot, and resume if available and if not already submitted via the link above

Video Auditions:
Must be submitted prior to 5pm on Friday, January 5th, and may substitute for appearing at the Monday and Tuesday auditions. Auditioners must be available to attend in-person callbacks Wednesday, January 10th if required. Video should include an age appropriate monologue no to exceed 2 minutes in length, and be uploaded with a headshot, and a resume (if available) when filling out the digital audition packet.

Production fees: NONE. FEES ARE WAIVED FOR YABOY PRODUCTIONS. If cast, your child will be receiving over 110 hours of professional direction from trained, industry professionals. Please be advised that if your child is cast in this show, there is a production fee of $100.00 per participant which includes a show t-shirt and a flash drive of production photos. Parents are also required to volunteer for 10 hours.

CASTING FOR (Ages 12-19):

Anne Frank: The titular character who wrote the original diary on which the play is based. She’s a 13-year-old girl who begins as a boisterous, rather loud child and matures in a very short amount of time. She is the youngest daughter of the Franks.

Margot Frank: Anne’s older sister who is very well behaved and proper.

Mr. Otto Frank: Father to Anne and Margot. He’s a businessman and very well educated. Its the annex on top of his former business that the family occupies. Anne calls him Pim and she adores him. The play ends as Otto expresses his pride in his daughter having finished reading her diary.

Mrs. Edith Frank: Mother to Anne and Margot. Loves her children very much, but Anne believes that her mother does not understand her.

Mr. Van Daan: Father to Peter Van Daan and husband to Mrs. Van Daan. Helped Otto Frank when he first moved to the country. Does not get along terribly well with his wife or son.

Mrs. Van Daan: Mother to Peter Van Daan and wife to Mr. Van Daan. Seems to flirt at times with Mr. Frank and quarrels fervently with her husband.

Peter Van Daan: Son to Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan. He’s rather quiet and reserved, but loves his cat, Mouschi. Initially, he makes fun of Anne quite a lot, but he and Anne grow close.

Mr. Dussel: A dentist friend of Miep and her fiancé, Dirk. Mr. Duzzel is in his fifties and rather nervous but very appreciative of the Franks and Van Daans for taking him in. He’s confused and flustered when he joins the house because he had always considered himself Dutch. In a short amount of time, he begins to deeply dislike Anne.

Miep Gies: A kind employee of Mr. Frank’s. She helps manage what the family needs and often brings food and news.

Mr. Kraler: Former employee of Mr. Frank’s. Helps the Franks and Van Daans. He brings news and helps keep the family hidden

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