Fountain Hills Youth Theater – Audition Tips!

So you want to audition?
Here are a few tips to help make that process a little easier for you?and for us!

  1. We start auditions on the hour, but audition call time is 5:45pm.?This is to give you time to look at the rehearsal schedule, decide what role you would like to audition for,?fill out your audition sheet, and list your conflicts. Keep in mind that arriving on the hour does not allow us to start on time.?You must be at the theater 15 minutes before the hour so that you have plenty of time to fill out your paperwork. If you are late, you can not audition. Fill out your audition form as neatly as possible.?If we cannot read your form, we cannot call you! And we know you are hoping for that call! 
  2. A list of characters in the show will be listed in the theater lobby. Write ALL of the roles you would like to be considered for, or write “any.” You will only be considered for roles you list?so if you would like to be cast in any role, be sure to write “any!”
  3. Have your schedule of other commitments that may conflict with rehearsal or production dates.?We understand that everyone may have conflicts, which is acceptable?but it is important that you be honest about your conflicts at the time of your audition! If you are dishonest about your conflicts, you will likely not be cast again. If cast, you are required to be at run-throughs,?all?tech/dress rehearsals and?all?performances. There are no conflicts accepted during the last week or rehearsals, or for any performance. If you have no conflicts, please write ?NONE? in the area provided. Accepting a role is a commitment to show up when you are scheduled. We do not double cast or have understudies.
  4. Dress comfortably but neatly. Do not wear short-shorts, dresses, skirts or tight clothes. We are not looking at your fashion sense, so think about what will make you most comfortable and modest. ?Closed-toe shoes are a must. “Dress to move” is a common term for stating what you should wear. No flip-flops, or sandals, backless, or platform shoes.
  5. No Gum, food or sodas.?Eat before your audition! Bring a bottle of water!
  6. If you see the rehearsal schedule and realize that you will not be able to do the show, you are still welcome to audition.?It is a great experience for you and we are happy to watch you! ?Please mark your audition sheet ?Conflicts prevent me from being able to do this show, so please do not consider me for casting?.
  7. If you are interested in working backstage or in the tech booth, please indicate that on your audition sheet.?You may also audition for a role, but you can also let us know that if you are not cast you would like to be considered for technical work on the show.?If you are certain you would like to tech, please come in to fill out an audition sheet which we will mark as ?Tech only?.?You still need to be prepared to list conflicts. As for actors, we techs are required to be at run-throughs,?all?tech/dress rehearsals and?all?performances.
  8. If you are auditioning for a musical, have your sheet music ready.?We discourage against using CD?s; ?it makes a better impression if you are prepared to sing your selected music with the accompanist.?It is not usually a good idea to try to sing something from the show for which you are auditioning.?Pick out something that shows off your voice, and keep it to no more than 32 bars.?We do not need to hear an entire song.
  9. Monologues:?All auditions require a monologue.?It should be 2 minutes or less in length and it must be age appropriate. Be sensitive to others feelings and make sure that it is something you would not be afraid to share with your grandma.?This is a G-rated ?youth? theater.?No cursing and no inappropriate innuendos.?Plant yourself firmly, project your voice as best you can and put everything into it that you?ve got!?This is your chance to perform and show us what you can do.?Mumbling, looking down at the floor, hands shoved in pockets, swaying, playing with hair, etc. is not the way to go.?We know all about those pesky nerves!?We are on your side!?If your story requires you to move about the stage, you are welcome to do so.?Just make your movements purposeful? have a reason for the movement!?Since parents are often permitted in the theater to observe the auditions, make sure that you are performing your piece for the casting staff? not your mom, dad, aunt or grandpa!?Look at us?not at them.
  10. All auditioners will sit together, as a group, in the center of the theater. Parents are usually permitted to watch the auditions.?Sometimes a director may decide to ?close? the auditions, or even have the casting staff watch individual auditions. If parents (most of the time) are permitted to watch the auditions, they will be asked to take a seat on ?audience right? which are the seats available when you first walk into the theater. Photography or videotaping of auditions is not permitted. Parents, you are there an invited observer and be aware that rehearsals are closed.?If your child is cast, you will not be able to assist them through rehearsals. We appreciate your cooperation with this!
  11. Do not bring along friends unless they are planning to audition also?that day/night!?If you are a youth planning to audition on the next scheduled date,?you are not permitted to be in the theater to observe the first day/night of auditions.?Please come only on the day/night you are ready to fill out your own audition form and take your turn.
  12. We do not call the auditioners who were not cast.?At the end of auditions, we will let you know when you may expect a call.?If you have not received a call, please do not try to call the theater office or the director to find out if you were cast.?The office will not know, and the director is not available.?We absolutely promise that we try every phone number you left?more than once, and leave messages. We will not email or text you. Casting is offered only by phone, so listen to our voicemail!
  13. If you are not cast, this does not mean that you did not have a good audition.?Many considerations go into the casting of a show and sometimes there just isn?t a good place to put someone for?a particular production.?We do 5 shows each year, and we encourage you to come back!
  14. As a final tip, to both parents and youth, if and when you do get that all-important call offering you a role, please do not inquire if your friend was cast, or ask who else “got in.” ?We do not disclose that information and we consider it unprofessional.

See you at auditions, and ?break a leg!?